AMETS Edenderry – The Oak Room

The client concept on this project was to provide a space for learners that inspired them to learn new skills and gain experience with new media technologies.

Remote Adult Education

We were able to jump right in with our expertise and developed an acoustic treatment plan that optomized the room acoustic response for both delivering classes and recording audio.

Not only did Enhance Acoustics design and install the acoustic treatment for the Oak Room but our unique skill set enabled us to also design a unique training program for young people in sound engineering and production.

As part of our service on this project we designed, produced and installed Hybrid Acoustic Panels (HAP) which provided both absorption and diffusion within the space

Hybrid Acoustic Panels (HAP)

Today, the Oak Room at the Acorn Project Edenderry provides an inspirational space for learners from all backgrounds and interests. Derek McCreanor from Enhance Acoustics delivers a number of programs from this great space which includes a QQI Accredited Level 5 award for Sound Engineering and production.


We are very proud to have been part of this project.

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