Our 4 Step Process

Our 4 step process is designed to ensure that all our customers achieve reliable acoustic results from design concept through to project completion.

1. Consultation

Our 4 step process is designed to ensure that all our customers achieve reliable acoustic results from design concept through to project completion.

In order to achieve optimum acoustic performance that is delivered on time and in budget it is essential to engage us at the planning stage of your project.

The first step in our process is consultation. In this stage we work closely with all members of the project design team to provide an integrated acoustic design approach that considers all aspects of your project.

We provide specialist consultation which includes

  • Consultation on building codes and regulations relevant to your project needs.
  • Setting specific acoustic design criteria for your project.
  • Setting out of all relevant standards & technical guidance documents
  • Setting the best practice methodologies relating to your projects specific needs.
  • Demonstrating the productivity and wellbeing benefits of sound design and Biophilic elements
  • Establishing time-frames and delivery schedules in line with project program.
  • Assigning project team members and point of contact for each stage of your project.

2. Design

At this point of the project we will have compiled all relevant international standards, Technical Guidance Documents, Best practice Methodologies, local Authority Guidance Documents and Building Codes and Regulations relevant to the acoustic performance requirements of your project. We will have also compiled a schedule of all relevant architectural drawings and proposed materials to be included in our acoustic assessment process. From this point we will conduct extensive acoustic performance assessments of all aspects of your project using best practice methodologies, acoustic performance calculations and prediction of room acoustic performance indicators. We use a number of proprietary acoustic software packages to prove design compliance with project requirements. Where it is necessary we have the skills and experience to design bespoke acoustic solutions for your project. This service affords us to design and produce acoustic components with specific acoustic and aesthetic qualities that are tailored to your specific needs. Our acoustic software allows us to demonstrate how material selection and design choices influence the acoustic performance of critical components in a manner our clients can understand. We the ability produce audio files which demonstrate how your project will perform before it is even built. Our deliverables at this stage include
  • Airborne and impact sound insulation performance reports.
  • Key room acoustic metric performance reports including:
    • Reverberation Time (RT60)
    • Speech Transmission Index (STI)
    • Clarity (C80) etc.
  • Design and Production of Bespoke Acoustic Components.
  • Noise Masking and Soundscape Design.
  • A/V Design.
  • Predicted Room Acoustic Auralisation (Audio) files.
  • 3D Room layouts displaying placement of acoustic materials.
  • Bill of Quantities.
  • Estimated costs of materials.

3. Fit Out

In order to achieve reliable and repeatable results from project design to project completion it is imperative that experienced installers are employed to undertake the fit out of acoustic components.

We have a team of specialist installers that are experienced in the installation of acoustic components. Our team have a firm understanding of the intricacies involved in acoustic installations so that optimum acoustic performance is achieved.

A schedule of on-site inspections is set in place for this phase of all projects. This allows us to insure that all acoustic components are installed as designed and eliminate the potential for costly do overs.

With this approach we can insure maximum performance and minimum waste.

4. Post Installation Testing


Once all acoustic components of the project have been complete we are qualified and experienced in undertaking acoustic testing of all relevant acoustic indicators to prove compliance with the projects acoustic design goals.

All of our testing is conducted using traceable calibrated test equipment. All surveys and methodologies are ISO and ASTM compliant.

Upon satisfactory completion of acoustic testing where all acoustic metrics meet the criteria set out in our acoustic design document we will issue a post completion report which will document all test results. This report will be accompanied with a certificate of compliance.

In any instance where a failure to meet any of the acoustic design goals set out in the acoustic design document occurs, remedial works will be undertaken to correct the issue and additional acoustic will be conducted.

We are experienced in undertaking acoustic testing to prove compliance with the following Standards, Technical Guidance Documents and Building Codes and Regulations.

  • Building Control Regulations 2014: Technical Guidance Document E: Sound.
  • Department of Education and Skills – Technical Guidance Document – TGD-021-5: Acoustic Performance in New Primary and Post Primary School Buildings
  • Building Bulletin 93: 2015 – Acoustic design of schools: performance standards.
  • Health Technical Memorandum: 08-01
  • BS 8233:2014 – Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings.
  • BS-EN ISO 3382-1:2009 – Acoustics – Measurement of room acoustic parameters – Part 1 Performance Spaces.
  • BS-EN ISO 3382-2:2008 – Acoustics – Measurement of room acoustic parameters – Part 2 Reverberation time in ordinary rooms.
  • ISO 3382-3:2012 – Acoustics Measurement of room acoustic parameters Part 3: Open plan offices
  • ISO 16283-1:2014 – Acoustics Field measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements Part 1: Airborne sound insulation
  • ISO 16283-2:2018 – Acoustics Field measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements Part 2: Impact sound insulation


To ensure that the acoustic elements of your project are complete on time, in budget and to the highest standard contact us here at Enhance Acoustics to see how our 4 step process can will benefit you.

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