Our unique approach not only differentiates us, it makes us better

Enhance Acoustics grew out of pure passion for sound and the influence that sound has on us as human beings. Sound has a profound physiological and psychological influence on our day to day lives. It is our mission to improve health and wellbeing and maximize human potential through our knowledge of acoustics and sound design.

Acoustic design with people in mind

The psychological and physiological response of humans to sound drives our acoustic design approach. Health, well-being and productivity of people needs to be at the forefront of design for habitable spaces. This ensures that we not only meet international standards and local authority technical guidance documents but we exceed their requirement for a minimum standard.

Specialists in architectural and building acoustics

Enhance Acoustics was founded by Derek McCreanor in 2018. The company is driven by over 20 years’ experience in the audio industry and a list of supporting academic qualifications and accreditations.

Our 4 Step Process

Our 4 step process is designed to ensure that all our customers achieve reliable acoustic results from design concept through to project completion.

1. Consultation

2. Design

3. Fit Out

4. Testing

1. Consultation

2. Design

3. Fit-Out

4. Testing



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