Acoustic solutions to enhance
productivity and wellbeing

Enhance Acoustics are specialists in architectural and building acoustics. We provide consultancy, design, fit out and testing services that promote healthier, more productive and acoustically comfortable environments.

We provide a range of acoustic solutions to enhance productivity and wellbeing in your space:

Acoustic Consultancy

We provide tailored acoustic solutions that deliver healthier more productive environments. All our services are conducted in line with all current building codes and regulations, international standards, local authority guidance and international best-practice methodologies.

Acoustic Design

We verify all our designs using all relevant international calculation methodologies and standards along with numerous proprietary 3D acoustic modelling and prediction software packages.

Acoustic treatments and installation

Acoustic Material Specification and Bespoke Acoustic Treatment Design and Manufacturing.

Acoustic testing and compliance

Airborne and Impact sound insulation testing services and room acoustic measurements.

Sound masking and soundscapes

Custom Solutions to improve Acoustic Comfort, Speech Privacy and Health & Wellbeing

Biophilic design

oundscape Design and Acoustic Treatment Strategies to Support Biophilic Design Patterns.

Specialist sectors

Residential Acoustics

Office Acoustics

Acoustics for Education

Acoustics in Hospitality

Retail Acoustic Solutions

Acoustics in Healthcare

Our services can provide solutions in these Sectors:


Residential Acoustics

Whether it’s compliance with current building regulation requirements, noisy neighbour complaints or home office and home theatre design, Enhance Acoustics offer a suite of services that will ensure acoustic comfort and wellbeing in your home.

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Office environments present many challenges in relation to acoustics. The key to healthy, efficient and productive office environments is the incorporation of suitable acoustic design that supports activities within the space


Acoustic for Education

Acoustics and sound design in educational facilities are vital in providing learners with appropriate learning environments. It is essential that acoustic performance specification of a learning environment supports the needs of the subject matter and educational level of the learner

Acoustics in Hospitality

The hospitality industry is all about creating an ambiance that delivers a lasting impression. From vibrant, energetic entertainment settings to calm, relaxing and rejuvenating spaces, sound design is the key to achieving the perfect ambiance


Retail Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic testing is key to identifying the baseline acoustic performance of an existing environment. It is also necessary to conduct acoustic testing to prove compliance with project design, international standards and local authority guidance.


Acoustics in Healthcare

There is a growing body of research linking good design of hospitals and healthcare facilities to improved health and wellbeing of patients and staff. Acoustic comfort is a known contributing factor in accelerating patient recovery rates.

We experience the world through all of our senses

Our hearing influences our perceived quality of our environment. We now spend 90% of our time indoors. Acoustic design is key to creating healthy, functioning, productive spaces. Understanding the aesthetic goals and designing acoustic strategies in line with these is our specialty.

Biophilic design

The introduction of nature sounds and elements such as water, wind and birdsong have been found to create calmer, healthier and more productive interior spaces.


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